Advanced Directives Inform Loved Ones Of Your Wishes

A living will together with a health care power of attorney forms an advanced directive. In this directive, you will state your wishes regarding end-of-life care and name someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. It can be difficult to think about such an occasion, but it can be even more difficult for your loved ones to struggle with the decisions while you are incapacitated in the hospital.

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How Do Two Estate Planning Documents Work Together In One Directive?

Our lawyers can talk to you about how your living will and your health care power of attorney work in tandem to provide a framework for certain medical situations and treatments. You may have read about or seen dramatizations about end-of-life scenarios. Emotions tend to run high as family members grapple with the question, "Is this what he or she would want?" Until you are in that situation — in the hospital room of someone who is on life support or other similar condition — you do not know how you will react or what you will think.

The living will provides clear directions about a person's wishes, and the health care power of attorney grants authority to one individual to make decisions regarding medical treatment.

  • A living will clearly documents your wishes regarding medical treatments. If you are on life support, for example, your living will states your wishes regarding being kept on life support.
  • A health care power of attorney is a document that names an individual known as an agent to make health care decisions on your behalf.

If you are no longer able to make medical decisions for yourself, your advanced directives will go into effect.

It Can Be Difficult To Talk About, But We Are Here To Help

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