Financial Powers Of Attorney Can Protect You In The Future

Financial power of attorney grants a trusted individual — a relative or close friend, for example — the ability to manage your finances in the event you are unable. As we work toward developing your complete estate planning package, we will talk to you about the benefits of establishing power of attorney and give you thoughts to consider about whom you would like to name as your agent (the person you name to make decisions for you).

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When Is Financial Power Of Attorney Effective?

Financial power of attorney goes into effect if you are unable to manage your own finances. Reasons for this can include an illness, injury, disability or other form of incapacitation. Your agent will be able to legally, among other similar tasks, do the following on your behalf:

  • Pay bills
  • Pay taxes
  • Make bank deposits
  • Manage and watch investments
  • Access safe deposit box
  • Access financial accounts
  • Perform real estate transactions

While it is possible that you may never need to use your financial power of attorney, it is very wise to plan ahead for the possibility. By doing so, you can save your family from unnecessary roadblocks. For example, if you fall ill and are unable to access your safe deposit box, your agent can access it readily. Without the financial power of attorney, he or she would have to endure a lengthy legal process to obtain access.

Have you thought about who you would like to handle financial matters on your behalf? Whether it is your son or daughter, or your best friend, you want to choose someone who will act in your best interests and has common sense.

Talk About The Next Steps With A Lawyer

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