Why Do I Need A Will?

In many ways, it is not you who needs a will but your surviving family members. If you care about how your property will be distributed upon your death, who will care for your minor children and how much legal stress your death might cause your family, then you need a will.

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By creating a will, you are making the decisions about items that include:

  • The distribution of your property and assets
  • The custody of your minor children
  • The custody of your pets
  • The transfer of your business or investments
  • Charitable donations you would like to make

What Happens If I Do Not Have A Will?

If you die without a will, the state will distribute your property and assets according to a mandatory formula. This can be problematic and upsetting for your family. In many cases, the state may do the exact opposite of what you wanted to happen and what would have been included in your will. The state may even appoint a representative to look after the interests of your children. If you had a will, perhaps you would have named your sister or another trusted loved one as a guardian, for example.

Dying without a will does not hurt you; it hurts the ones you love.

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