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3 ways to include the family home in your estate plan

Your home is likely one of your most valuable assets. Not only is it a significant asset in terms of finances, but it also comes with sentimental attachments. With so much emotion, history and monetary worth wrapped up in your home, it can be complex to figure out how to include it in your estate plan

Residential real estate is complex, and transferring ownership can come with a variety of benefits and drawbacks for your heirs. Here are some ideas for having an efficient and smooth transfer of your home.

What happens if you die without a will in Georgia?

Wills are only one component of an effective estate plan. However, a majority of Americans do not even have that. According to one poll in 2016, 56 percent of American adults do not have a will. While many people assume they have plenty of time to create a will, the truth of the matter is that individuals never know when they may need one, so it is vital to make one as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, many people die without a will in place. This can create numerous headaches for their surviving family members, especially if there are many assets to divide. Here is what is most likely to happen when people die without a will in Georgia. 

Avoiding unpleasant surprises after your home purchase

Buying a new home can be an exciting milestone. However, what may look like your dream house can turn out to harbor some upsetting secrets.

Buyers, especially those purchasing a home for the first time, do not always know what to expect. Understanding both the seller's disclosure obligations and the buyer's due diligence can help you avoid many common pitfalls along the way.

5 tips to help you prepare for your estate planning meeting

If much of your time during the past several years has been spent focused on building your career, estate planning may have escaped your notice.

Everyone needs a viable estate plan, and if the time has come for you to consider yours, here are five tips to help you prepare for a meeting with your attorney.

Two estate planning documents millennials should have

You may be young, carefree and single, and estate planning is probably the furthest thing from your mind. What happens, though, if you should suffer serious injury in a car crash or become disabled through a cycling accident?

Accidents can happen to anyone at any age, and if you prepare for the unexpected, your mind will be at ease. Here are two estate planning documents you should consider.

Helping your adult child buy a home

As you approach retirement, your own future may not be the only thing on your mind. You also may be giving a lot of thought to your adult children’s future. There are certain worries you may have on this front, such as concerns over whether your kids will have the resources they need to accomplish their goals. This could include homeownership goals.

Is Buying A Home Cheaper than Renting In Georgia?

Many people will argue that buying a house is better than renting for a variety of reasons. However, home prices are rising fast. Obviously cost is a huge factor in purchasing a home, so the question is worth asking: Is it cheaper to buy a house or rent?


New Parents: Are You Forgetting Something?

Even the most careful planners are bound to forget something when it comes to welcoming a new member of the family. There is simply too much that needs to be done. Of course new parents are going to overlook something.

Unfortunately, one of the most commonly overlooked items is one of the most critical for protecting a child: creating an estate plan.